School Search

When parents relocate to a foreign country, one of their main priorities is finding the right school for their children. Our Relocation Specialists are knowledgeable about various international schools and their programs, policies, and more. 
With our expert guidance, your family can feel confident in finding a school that fits your child's academic and developmental needs.

Our assistance in school search includes the following services:

  • Profiling

We aim to provide a list of suitable schools for your child by using a school profiling form that you will complete and return to us. This will help us understand your child's learning needs. The schools on the list will be chosen based on their curriculum, extracurricular activities, and overall education program. We will also consider any special needs your child may have and any admission rules or limited vacancies at the school at the time of application, in order to manage expectations for your child's benefit.

  • Scheduling Appointments

Our Relocation Specialists will arrange tours of schools during school hours with the admission departments and also arrange for brief meetings with parents and their children studying in the school. 

  • Registration

Our consultants will guide our clients through the necessary forms and paperwork, making sure everything is completed and all documents are in order to avoid delays that could impact the child's ability to attend their preferred school. 

However, we cannot guarantee acceptance or use a debenture payment to secure admittance, but we will offer the best options based on availability and the child's needs.