Moving to Philippines Feb 07, 2023

1.    The Philippines is a tropical country, so expect hot and humid weather throughout the year.
2.    The official language is Filipino, but English is widely spoken, making communication relatively easy.

General Overview Feb 06, 2023

Living in the Philippines, you will experience a fascinating Southeast Asian culture. Influenced by Spanish and American colonialism, the way of life here is truly unique.

Culture, Traits, and Beliefs Feb 05, 2023

The Philippines is home to a unique culture that combines traditional Filipino customs with Spanish Catholic influences, as well as elements from America and other parts of Asia.

Holidays and Festives Feb 04, 2023

The Philippines celebrates a variety of holidays and festivals throughout the year.

Do's and Don'ts Jan 27, 2023

For expats living in the Philippines, there are certain things to keep in mind to ensure a smooth transition and an enjoyable experience.