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When moving into another country, it is most valuable to find the right home for you in order to settle into a new environment comfortably. Our goal is to make your transition as comfortable as possible by providing you with access to a comprehensive real estate database and taking into account your lifestyle needs. We work with in-house real estate agents and a panel of reputable agencies to ensure a thorough process in finding you a home away from home.

Our program includes:

  • Profiling

After conducting a need analysis with our client, we will present a selection of housing options and areas that align with their profile needs.

  • Scheduling and Viewing

Our property agents will arrange for property viewings to be conducted with their accompaniment, and will provide feedback and re-evaluation of the properties viewed.

  • Lease Negotiation

We will closely monitor the lease negotiation process, ensuring that both the standard requirements and our client's specific requests are addressed and met.

  • Tenancy Management

We will explain our client lease terms, including the diplomatic clauses, termination clauses, duration, and rent payment due dates, as well as the responsibilities of the tenant.

  • Handover

During the handover, we will assist you check the inventory, inspect the property, and determine if any repairs are needed, and/or all of the original requests were accomplished and accommodated. Our housing consultant will also provide an inspection report, complete with pictures, which will be given to both you and the landlord.

  • Setting up Utilities

We will help assisting to establish a home telephone landline, internet connection, cable TV service, gas, water and electricity.

  • Arrangement of Temporary Accommodation

We can arrange booking a hotel or service apartment, based on your specific requirements.